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What is Demo Account?

A demo account is a trial account that simulates real trading on the exchange. The account allows you to learn how to work with trading instruments of the global markets and try your hand at making transactions without risk for investments.

Features of a demo trading account are similar to those of a real one, since current market quotes are applied so that the trader can find out how the securities market is organized. However, there is one main difference - all profits/losses would not be real.

We offer to register a demo version of the MT5 Global account, which has 3 main advantages:

  1. Access from one account to the global stock exchanges in Europe, US, Asia
  2. Trade in stocks, futures and currency pairs (Forex);
  3. Low commissions and fees.

What is Demo Account for?

Before opening a real trading account and starting transactions with your own funds, a novice trader is advised to learn more about the trading process by examining the terminal and the proposed trading opportunities.

A demo account is a great opportunity to try your hand at no risk or to work out new strategies, without the influence of emotions, as it usually happens in real exchange trading.

Other advantages:

How to Open Demo Account?

You should sigh in to open a demo account on the stock exchange and start trading with virtual money. Just fill in the form with real data and receive an email with all instructions to the specified mailbox. Follow the instructions from the email